Pakistan's COVID-19 cases, deaths decline 80pc: WSJ

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a New York safari, has attracted international attention in the rapidly declining Coronavirus cases in Pakistan. The research report comes at a specific time when the US, the world’s most powerful country compared to Pakistan, struggles to control 4.8 million infected outbreaks and has killed 158,000 Americans so far.

According to a WSJ report titled “Why Youth, Conservative Pakistan is Coronavirus Bright Spot,” Coronavirus cases in Pakistan dropped by more than 80 percent from the country’s highest level on June 14, a record 6,285 COVID- 19 diseases were confirmed.

In addition, Coronavirus mortality in Pakistan dropped by about 97%. In 153, Pakistan reported that the highest daily death toll was June 20. On August 2, Pakistan reported 330 new cases of 11,000 trials and eight deaths. 249,000 COVID-19 patients out of a total of 280,000 have been infected. Of the 25,172 cases of active Coronavirus, only 1,038 are critical.

The report stressed that hospitals in Pakistan now have sufficient Coronavirus beds full of infected patients until a few weeks ago. The WSJ also commended Prime Minister Imran Khan to decide not to consider the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations for national closure.

Last month, a US-based newspaper, the Washington Post, highlighted Pakistan’s civil service’s cooperation in the fight against the Coronavirus.

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