Many public areas continue to close for the transgender society despite being equal citizens. Now there has been a nagging reluctance in allowing these populations as equals. In a remarkable achievement, the transgender populations are now building their areas. With the first of its variety being, a transgender madrassa. Rani Khan a trans-woman set up this Islamic religious school herself handling her life savings, but Islam is open to all, Muslims aren’t, there is no proper limitation to anyone attending religious institutions or appealing at mosques, it is believed that foreigners can consider ostracized.

This explains why the trans-community feels undesirable at local mosques and madrassas. She felt a necessity for a secure and accepting place for her area where they can learn about their religion Islam. Rani Khan 34-year-old opened her madrassa. According to the reports that she allows daily Quran lessons at Pakistan’s first transgender-only madrasa. She was required to beg on the roads after being dropped on her own. She joined a transgender group by age 17. The trans-community has earlier voiced discrimination they suffer by companies when applying for regular jobs.

Rani Khan opens first ever Islamic institute for transgenders

Rani’s deceased transgender friend dancer presented with her to do something for society. So she read the Quran at home and served religious schools. She started her two-room madrasa by October 2020. This is also a secure space for transgender personalities to offer their prayers. In Pakistan, Mosques are often gender-segregated. Trans-community has an earlier sound difference in the workspace. They are marginalized and not inspired to compete in the public field. Other minorities, trans-people have a quota in management job listings.

By Fatima Sadaf khan

I am an IT student. With my prior experience in writing, I am able to work on a variety of subjects flexibly. I am open to learning and critique.