PCB has landed in hot water for the Poor production Quality of National T20 Cup. Failing to ensure timely updates of the first match of National T20 among Northern and KPK, PCB disappointed the cricket fans from around the country.  

The match was held earlier today in Multan. Despite the outstanding coverage claims, several blunders were encountered. Poor graphics, long delays, scoreboard errors, and production quality, everything was disappointing. Cricket fans across Pakistan were having high hopes from PCB which couldn’t be fulfilled.  

For cable distribution, a broadcast deal worth $200 million was signed between PTV Sports and I-Media while a production deal worth $350 million was also signed with the association of Tower Sports and SportzWorkz. With this deal, it was expected that the production quality will be at par with PSL.  

It must be kept in mind that the Premium T20 franchise league was also not free from blunders, however, this time the expectations from producers and broadcasters were high.  

Let’s see how fans are reacting on Twitter: 

Most of all, PTV Sports didn’t even provided the fans with Live streaming of the match. Even the players’ names were missing from the back of their shirts. The overall impression of National T20 coverage was nothing but poor.