Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the country’s first political map, including Indian Occupied Kashmir as part of Pakistan. Apart from Kashmir and Ladakh, the state of Junagadh in Indian Gujarat is also shown as part of Pakistan on a new political map. Speaking to the nation on state television, the Prime Minister said it was the first time a country political map had been released.

Showing the aspirations of the Pakistani and Kashmiri people and the Kashmiri leadership. PM Khan announced that from today on, a new map would be used everywhere, including the curriculum across the country. The Prime Minister said this was historically confirming India’s departure from Kashmir on August 5 as illegal.

He pointed out that the map was supported by Pakistani political parties and the Kashmiri leadership and was approved by the joint commission. Earlier, the world’s first political map was presented before a joint commission and approved by the legislature.

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