After much uproar in the broadcast and social media platforms for strictly punishing the rapists, people needed to hear something that would calm their rage.

On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, in order to control the increasing number of rape cases, we must severely punish the rapists by public execution and chemical castration. He said while giving an interview to a local TV channel that rapists and pedophiles should be given stringent punishments so they won’t be able to repeat the crime.

He added that in his opinion, the rapists should be hanged at the chowk, to make an example out of it and people would fear to do such foul act again. He also said that the matter of public execution of rapists had been discussed in the cabinet meeting however unfortunately, they couldn’t act upon it as it wouldn’t be internationally acceptable.

He concluded that if we do so, it will affect the GSP-Plus trade status given to our country by the European Union.

Punishing the criminals by publicly executing them was what the PM and entire nation wanted but it is not an option. Nonetheless, the good news is: the PM said that the government is pondering on another option to punish the criminals, to chemically or surgically castrate the rapist.
He had told that many countries across the world are practicing the same punishment.

Here is the video of PM’s interview with Dr. Moeed Peerzada:

Chemical or Surgical Castration:
Through Chemical Castration the sexual desires of a person can be reduced.
Through Surgical Castration, the male genitals get removed and so their sexual ability.

The Prime Minister had mentioned three countries that practice the same punishment for rapists. Indonesia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic (two of them being in Europe).

Following the Motorway gang-rape case, hundreds of women came out of their houses and protested on the streets. They also demanded the resignation of responsible officials and public execution of sexual offenders. An additional outrage has been seen in people after CCPO Lahore blamed the victim to be careless. There need to be stringent punishment laws for rapists so they couldn’t get away with their crimes.