To everyone’s shock, the key suspect in the Motorway rape case Abid Malhi has been identified yet couldn’t be caught. The pressure is piling up on Lahore Police to deliver results however, they are justifying the delay in arrest with “limited resources”.

 The high-ranked officials of Punjab Police are trying to appease people by saying that they are making all the efforts to catch the rapist and will soon be successful. However, they have been failed to do so as of yet. On the other hand, a policeman revealed that the reason why they couldn’t yet catch the prime suspect of this case is that they don’t have the latest technology!

He additionally confessed that the incompetency of many policemen is another reason for failing to catch the suspect. Courtesy of Dawn News.

The incompetency could actually be the reason as we have heard saying Inspector General of Police (IGP), Inam Ghani that several teams are working on different leads and the suspect will be caught soon.

According to the sources, the incompetency and lack of latest equipment jointly disrupt police to move forward in the case.

“The suspect has been searched for in the small districts, tracing him could be a lot easier by using the latest technologies. Following the arrest of one of the suspects Shafqat Ali, Police didn’t seem to be very determined to further solving the case until they felt the pressure mounted on them due to the uproar of motorway case in Social Media”.

The policeman during the interview protested that how can we catch the suspect by using an outdated 2G technology when he might be using a 4G smartphone.

“An outdated 2G smartphone call locator has been used in tracing “Abid Malhi”. In such high-profile cases police should use the latest equipment however this aspect has been ignored for years”.

The aforementioned statement has also been confirmed by CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh. Word has it that only the Counter-Terrorism Department has 4G technology. According to the sources, a 4G call locator mobile cost Rs. 300 million but following the pandemic, the price has dropped to Rs.100 million.

After three raids, the suspect Abid Malhi has been successful in dodging the police. In these circumstances, it is also quite possible that somebody from the inside might have helped him.

All of that being said, the question we have is: what happened to the good old-fashioned police work!