When it comes to PTA S-key performance indicators, it seems that operators like Telenor, Zong, and Jazz have not performed up to the mark.

Mobile Operators

The results were sent in a ‘Quality of Service’ survey conducted by the Telecommunications Authority of Pakistan or PTA. According to techjuice the survey was conducted in collaboration with Cellular Mobile Operations or CMO. The survey was conducted in three cities in Pakistan from January to March 2020, namely Shekupura and Gujar Khan in Punjab and Mansehra in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to the Quality of Service Survey, the iPhone only met the KPIs provided by PTA. The data service performance of various cellular operators is analyzed by user data throughput and signal strength. User data output key performance indicators define the internet speed rate provided to users of the area.

This analysis was performed for customers of different cellular operators in coverage areas. User data output for 3G services must be greater than 256 Kbps, whereas user data for 4G service must be higher than 2 Mbps. All operators meet the Threshold user data output for the 3g network. Anyways, Telenor did not meet the user data output for 4G services in Mansera’s coverage area.

When it comes to calling connection time, it involves sending complete call start information through the caller and receiving call setup notification. Telenor failed to meet call connection time with a value of 6.5 percent in Gujar Khan’s rural areas. Simultaneously, Jong did not achieve a penetration value of 6.5 percent in Mansera’s coverage areas.

Besides, the survey also includes information, An agreement has been reached between TPL Tracker and Telenor Pakistan, under which both the companies will further improve the digital maps of Pakistan. TPL Tracker is the largest provider of tracking solutions in Pakistan, while Telenor is one of the largest telecom companies in Pakistan. The key points of this second agreement between the two companies are as follows, remember that the two companies signed the first agreement at the beginning of the year.

In addition to smartphones, the convenience of mapping for a wide range of users will be enhanced. TPL Maps will be part of the internet.org program for Telenor customers under which TPL, specifically the lite version of TPL Maps. Gajo will make free access to a large part of the country’s population.

All Telenor Customer Sales and Service Centers and EasyPay Outlets will be included in TPL Maps with Kotili Narki branding to get information easily. The two companies have also agreed to promote each other, according to which Telenor will promote TPL Maps on the digital channel while
TPL Maps will promote Telenor’s products and services through its app.

Commenting on the development, Noman Pervez Qureshi, Head of Digital Products, Telenor Pakistan, said, “As Pakistan’s leading digital services provider, Telenor Pakistan has always welcomed new ideas and the innovative offer has facilitated products and Customers’ lives.

Maps are an integral part of the digital world, and we are thrilled to cross this milestone as a leader in the field of Maps. Our plans for Digital Pakistan are on the right track, and we are confident that Will play an essential role in our customers’ lifestyle.”