Punjab University all set to establish a Climate Research lab as HEC approved Rs.100 m funding.

University of the Punjab

The University of Punjab will set up Remote Sensors, Climatic Research, and the GIU to conduct research on climate change in the country, the Higher Education Commission or HEC Pakistan has approved 100 million funding for the laboratory. The lab will operate under the supervision of the chief investigator and Director of the Space Science Ziaul Haq. Sahida Adeela Batool will serve as the chief investigator of the case and faculty members such as Khalid Mehmood and Salman Tariq.

Explaining the purpose of the establishment of the lab, Ziaul Haq said Pakistan was one of the countries that would face the most significant danger soon. Unfortunately, Pakistan does not have the highest technical, professional, and financial capabilities to adapt, protect, and reduce the negative impact of climate change.

Ziaul Haq also pointed out that climate change can create social inequality and increase social factors leading to conflict, deportation, migration change, and instability. If proper measures are not taken in the event of extreme weather events such as rising temperatures, floods, droughts, disease outbreaks, infectious diseases, deforestation, and water shortages, it could be seen in Pakistan.

The director also said that satellite data and GIS analysis could provide less costly alternatives to accept climate change in a timely manner. The entire team thanked the Vice-Chancellor Chancellor Niaz Ahmad for continued support and encouragement during the club’s student competition process. Ziaul Haq also thanked HEC for their generous support for the construction of the lab.

Reference Techjuice