accidents, deaths reported in Punjab during Eid holidays

On Saturday the first day of Eid ul Adha, 1,290 road accidents were reported to the Punjab in which more than a dozen people died, and 1,431 were injured. Director-General of Rescue 1122 Dr. Rizwan Naseer released a report on road accidents in Punjab that highlighted the figures.

According to the report, on Saturday, 10th Zil hajj 1290 road accidents were reported across the province where immediate medical attention was provided. Dr. Rizwan Naseer said of the various accidents, 1,431 people were injured, and 16 were killed.

The maximum number of accidents, 226, was reported in Lahore, where 239 people were injured. The death toll was 4 in Faisalabad and 2 in Myanwali, according to the report. In an exceptional development on July 16, the Lahore High Court (LHC) has instructed the Punjab Home Affairs Department to compile a letter from the management of the Director of Punjab Emergency Service-1122.

Also its educational institution in accordance with existing regulations. The matter came to light after Dr. Naseer moved to court over allegations against him. He is working at his post office following a court order.

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