Samar Khan, an award-winning cyclist and Goodwill ambassador for WWF got harassed while cycling on Islamabad roads. 

She posted a video on Facebook telling the whole story. While Samar was riding a bicycle near Faizabad, someone fumbled her and drove away fast. She tried to chase the unknown person however was unable to catch him.

Describing his outer appearance, Samar said that he was in a maroon shirt with an office bag hanging on his shoulder. She said that Pakistan is not a safe place anymore for women cyclists. 

Here is the video that she uploaded on Facebook.

Samar seemed quite annoyed, as she said that she has always promoted women to come forward in the cycling field. However, it is not safe for us women to roam around freely and if we want to do so, we have to claim it by fighting for our rights. She also added while questioning the morality of people, that while the man was groping her back, three or four people saw it happening but nobody cared and tried to come forward to stop him. 

As a nation, it was a matter of shame for all those men who either do it or choose to ignore it, and for those women as well, who don’t fight against the harassment and stay quiet which empowers those harassers more.

Samar Khan is the first woman to ever reach on the top of Biafo Glacier in 2016, riding her bicycle. The 4500-meter-high glacier is located in the Karakoram mountains. Subsequently, she became the first Pakistani woman to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

US Department of State selected her for the “Global Sports Mentoring Program” for his extraordinary achievements. She also registered her name in the Pakistan Book of Records. 

With the rising cases of harassment and sexual assault in Pakistan, it has become very difficult for women to get going in their careers and life. The government needs to impose the necessary laws and policies that ensure the safety of women around the country.