On Saturday Shoaib Akhtar Former pacer stated that he was speechless after Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) cricket area in Rawalpindi was renamed after him. Using her social media account, a 45-year-old shared the message stating, ‘Humbled and honored to share that the famous KRL Stadium in Rawalpindi has been renamed as Shoaib Akhtar Stadium’.

Shoaib continued that he is rarely ever wasted for words but he was yesterday after getting known for his help to the nation. I honestly have no words to thank everyone for the respect and honor I have received over the years. The Rawalpindi Express remembered for bowling the fastest delivery in cricket’s history, stated that he has always worked his most suitable to help the nation with utmost dedication and strong determination to put Pakistan’s flag high. Akhtar continued, Today and every day I use the star on my chest with pride. ‘Thank you: Pakistan: Zindabad’.

By Fatima Sadaf khan

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