Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) Zulfi Bukhari for Overseas and Tourism has announced the government’s policies to promote all the avenues of recreation by starting the ‘Brand Pakistan’ program. Brand Pakistan initially designed to have been started in 2020. SAPM Zulfi Bukhari had issued tenders for the latest improvement to be fulfilled before the end of 2020 at a gathering with the Tourism Association in July last year. The key defenders of the reform with the attendees, he confirmed the proper description of local businesses at tourism points under the National Tourism Coordination Board.

SAPM Zulfi Bukhari | ProPakistani

With the pandemic, the idea for tourism was delayed as well. Now, 2021 continues the promise of possible venues for a new promotion, and consequently, the improvement of tourism is Pakistan’s first rule of business. The details of the new reform, the tourism industry will be served throughout the nation, and efficiency measures will be used to implement maximum facilitation to both tourists and stakeholders while producing all the provinces on board.