A recently released survey by the Pakistani branch of the Gallup International Organization, Gallup Pakistan, reported that a substantial number of businessmen had bribed government officials to perform their legal duties. The survey was conducted in Q4 of the financial year 2020, entitled ‘Pakistan Business Confidence Index,’ in which about 400 business owners participated within Pakistan. 

In order to get their legal work done, approximately 40 percent of business owners have bribed government officials at least once, as per the survey. Conversely, 60% of company owners declined to cooperate with illegal requests and chose against bribing government officials to fulfill their legal duties. 

An industry-wise breakdown shows that 56 percent of businessmen from the production sector, 40 percent of the services sector, and 39 percent of the trading sector were forced into bribing government officials. According to the provincial breakdown, 50 percent of businessmen from Balochistan and KP, 43 percent from Punjab, and 31 percent from Sindh were coerced into bribing government officials. 

By Sumbul Jawad

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