On Friday: A powerful earthquake hit Tajikistan and its tremors were observed as far away as Pakistan and India. Several citizens ran out of their houses. But no significant loss was recorded. US Geological Survey put the quake’s magnitude at 5.9. Reuters said, Its focus was 35 km (55 miles) west of Murghob in Tajikistan central Asia. Tajikistan Emergency Situations Ministry stated the epicenter was 420 km (260 miles) east of the Tajik capital Dushanbe near the border including China.

The seismic service of the country’s Academy of Sciences said Russia’s RIA Novosti that the quake’s energy was at 6.1. Monitoring companies in the country secured the quake as being a little more difficult. India’s National Center for Seismology told its magnitude was 6.3. Meantime, In Pakistan National Seismic Monitoring Centre measured it at 6.4. Some houses also detailed cracks in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IOK). A citizen in Baramulla district stated it seemed like a great wind had beaten his house. Firdous Ahmad Khan stated, ‘My complete house shook and cracks seemed in a corner of one of the rooms.

Pakistan’s Fear and Panic

Pakistan adding Islamabad, and northwestern Peshawar, and also as far as Lahore observed earthquakes. In the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), where a 2005 tremor wreaked severe damage, there was confusion in Muzaffarabad.

Asif Maqbool said, ‘I assumed it’s the identical as what had caught us in 2005. This market was almost flattened in the 2005 quake. A resident of the Khawaja Muhalla district of Muzaffarabad, Saima Khalid, stated everyone in the neighborhood came out onto the streets. 

By Fatima Sadaf khan

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