After a brutal attack by unknown individuals, Talal Chaudhry is reported to have been seriously injured and hospitalized after the attack. He also claimed that his arm has been fractured too in the incident.

According to the Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) sources, Talal Chaudhry was heading to Madina Town when the unknown attackers stopped his car and beaten him.

The statement opposes the videos circulating on social media platforms. The video shows Talal Chaudhry standing outside the Party’s MNA (woman) while holding his hand, which he claimed to be fractured. Behind him seen a nameplate “Rajab Ali Baloch House”.

He was claiming in another video that an unknown person halts him when he was called to the house and stopped him from talking to the police. However, it was seen in all the videos that he had his face swollen and he was holding his arm.

The incident happened in Faisalabad however due to the non-availability of an orthopedic surgeon, he was shifted to Lahore. The family sources claimed that he suffered shoulder and other body parts injuries.

SAPM on Political Communication Shahbaz Gill condemned the incident and indicated the Faisalabad police to take legal action and deploy security at Ayesha Rajab’s home. He further said that the real face of PML-N has been revealed after this accident. Here is the tweet:

Gill said that Talal was a close associate of Maryam Nawaz and this move is not only a matter of shame for Maryam Nawaz but PML-N altogether. PML-N has a history of calling women with nasty words.

He also tweeted that Maryam Nawaz should fear God.

The PM’s aide advised that rather than pressuring Ayesha (the woman who has been harassed) to give a statement in Talal’s favor, she should be supported and Talal should be eliminated from PML-N.

However, PML-N sources said that there is no proof of woman MNA’s brothers beating Talal and both Talal and Ayesha Rajab live in the same city.

According to the online sources, there was an affair going on between the woman MNA and Talal Chaudhry for quite a long time, however, the woman left Talal later as she was in a relationship with another political leader. When tried entering her house, her brothers caught him and tortured him.

Marriyum Aurangzeb, PML-N spokesperson also denied the aforementioned statement by saying “it is incorrect”. It was further revealed through online sources that the woman is no longer interested in being an MNA but PML-N is hiding this matter because of disgrace.

Talal too denied this and said that the media should wait for my stance and stop spreading rumors that create misunderstandings and grievances. He also said it is unfortunate how some of the government officials are politicizing the matter.