In the first phase, ninth, tenth, and second, consideration will be given to allowing fifth and eighth-grade students; school hours will be 3 hours, and suggestions will be made to teach compulsory subjects, sources said.

Education Department

The Department of School Education has started preparing SOPs and proposals for opening a school. In this regard, the sources said that in the first phase, ninth, tenth, and in the second phase, consideration would be given to allow students of fifth and eighth classes, school hours will be 3 hours and suggestions will be made to teach compulsory subjects. In this regard, it was further informed that after preparing the school education proposals, the department would send them to the education department, after which it will be decided to reopen the schools after approval.

It might be recalled that Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood had said yesterday that according to the survey, 70 percent of parents have agreed to send their children to schools after opening schools under SOPs, followed by schools under SOPs. Consideration is being given to open the roadmap in this regard. Once the roadmap is ready, I will take the parents into confidence and explain the action plan through a regular press conference.

Shafqat Mehmood said that while reviewing the reopening of schools, they are also keeping in view the data provided by the NCOC. The government of Pakistan is also consulting with UNICEF on the strategy. The Federal Minister for Education said that he wanted the atmosphere of uncertainty to end on a matter of fundamental importance like education. Earlier, Shafqat Mahmood had announced that all schools would be closed till July 15, but now after the meeting held yesterday, he had hinted that the schools would be reopened following the SOPs regarding Corona. Is being considered.

However, today the Department of School Education has started preparing the SOPs and proposals for opening the school, which will be submitted to the Department of Education very soon. It may be recalled that the government had decided to close the school due to the ongoing Corona situation across the country. However, there has been some reduction in Corona cases, after which reopening of schools is considered.

If the situation of corona cases in Pakistan is taken into consideration, the number of instances of daily coronavirus in Pakistan has come down to the lowest level in 19 days. This is the most lowest number of newly reported cases in 19 days. According to the latest statistics, the number of recently reported cases in Pakistan yesterday is less than 4,000, which is the lowest number in the last several days.

In addition, 105 more people have died in Pakistan in the last 24 hours due to the deadly coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths due to corona across the country to 3,946. A total of 3,946 cases were reported in Pakistan yesterday, after which the number of coronavirus cases across the country has crossed 185,000. A total of 24,599 tests were conducted in Pakistan yesterday. The number of people killed by the coronavirus has risen to more than 73,000 across the country.

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