Chinese Foreign Office Spokesperson No Indian soldiers are in our custody, “he said.

Chinese Foreign office spokesman

China has declared that the entire Gulan Valley is under its control, and no Indian troops are currently under its control. He did not confirm the detention of Indian soldiers. In contrast, Indian media alleged that China had captured four Indian officers and six soldiers after a violent clash on the night of June 15-16. Released on the evening of June 18. At least 20 Indian soldiers, including a colonel, were killed in a clash between China and India in Ladakh, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday. Asked about the boycott appeal, he said the Indian Army was responsible for what happened in Gulwan. He said the two countries held talks through military and diplomatic channels and were pushing for easing tensions. The spokesman said China valued relations with India and hoped that India would move forward. The juice will work with China to improve bilateral relations for development. The entire Gloucester Valley is part of China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the western part of the India-China border. Chinese troops have been patrolling the area for years.

Since April this year, the Indian Army has unilaterally built roads, bridges, and other outposts in the Gulwan Valley on the Line of Actual Control. China has complained about this several times, but India has taken more provocative action and Crossed. On the morning of May 6, Indian troops stationed at the border crossing the LAC, who had crossed the LAC at night and entered Chinese territory, set up barricades and set up barricades, causing the Chinese to cross the border. Military patrols were disrupted. Indian troops deliberately carried out provocative actions and led to a change in administration and control status.

The Chinese military was forced to deal with the situation and take the necessary steps to strengthen its control on the ground. In response to China’s strong demands to reduce tensions, India and China held talks with military and diplomatic channels. India has agreed to withdraw its troops crossing the LAC and demolish the bases it has built.

On June 6, the two sides held talks at the commander-level level and agreed to reduce tensions. I will call back. But on the night of June 15, Indian troops on the border violated the agreement at the commander-level meeting and once again crossed the LAC when tensions in the Gulwan Valley were escalating and deliberately provoked. Chinese soldiers and officers who went to him for talks attacked him violently, and the soldiers were killed.

This audacity of the Indian Army has undermined the stability of the border area, endangered the lives of Chinese soldiers, violated the agreement between the two sides on the border dispute, and violated the basic principles of international relations. India has taken a stand and strongly opposed it. In a telephone conversation with Indian Foreign Minister SJ Shankar, Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on India to investigate the incident seriously, punish those responsibly, and discipline Indian troops on the border and immediately. But provocative operations should be stopped so that such incidents do not happen again. A second meeting between the commanders will be held soon to improve the situation on the ground.

The two sides will work with justice to deal with the post-conflict situation in the Gulwan Valley, abide by the agreement reached the Commander-in-Chief meeting, and return to normalcy as soon as possible. And under the agreement reached so far, we will bring peace to the border region. In the wake of the recent incidents on the Indo-China border, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in an all-party meeting on Friday that no one has entered our territory. No post has been occupied. Modi said that till now, no one was questioning him; no one was stopping him, now our troops are stopping him in many sectors.

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