Mansehra - Thakot section of Thakot-

On Monday, Inspector General of Pakistan Motorways Police, Kaleem Imam, opened the Manusera-Thakot section of the Hazara Expressway motor vehicle. The Imam walked down this new road and discussed public safety issues with tunnel workers and inspected tax collection points. CPEC Authority (CPECA) Chairman, Asim Saleem Bajwa, also confirmed the opening of the Mansehra-Thakot section.

Bajwa pointed out that the Mansehra-Thakot section is a two-lane road that exceeds 80km and was upgraded at Rs’ cost. 136 billion.

Last week, the chairman of the National Highway Authority (NHA), Sikandar Qayyum, had indicated that the Mansehra-Thakot section of the Hazara Expressway could be opened for traffic congestion before the anointing. Finance Minister Murad Saeed will officially launch the Mansehra-Thakot section after Eidul Azha.