Washington: Joe Biden President noticed that the Afghan government dropped more quickly than he expected and advised that they had wanted the will to stand up to the Taliban. Biden said the truth is, this did open more quickly than we had expected. Biden put the blame fairly on civilian leadership and the Afghan military, he said ‘We gave them every tool they could want, we gave close air support, So what’s happened? Afghanistan’s political leaders gave up and left the nation. The Afghan military failed, sometimes without attempting to fight’.

He repeated, ‘We spent over a trillion dollars, we prepared and provided an Afghan military force of remarkable 300,000 strong, especially well equipped, we paid their salaries, given for the support of their air force, something the Taliban doesn’t own, Taliban does not have an air force, if Afghanistan is unable to fix any real resistance to the Taliban now, there is no possibility that one year one more year, five more years or 20 more years that the U.S. It is wrong to order American troops to move up when Afghanistan’s armed forces would not. The political leaders of Afghanistan were powerless to come together for the ideal of their people, helpless to arrange for the future of their homeland when the pieces were down.

Baiden said, ‘When In June I hosted Chairman Abdullah and President Ghani at the White House, and again in July when I spoke by phone to Ghani, we had very frank discussions. We discussed how Afghanistan should prepare to fight its civil wars after the U.S. military left, we talked broadly about the requirement for Afghan leaders to meet politically. Mr. Ghani asked the Afghan forces would fight, but obviously, he was incorrect. Biden also claimed that the Afghan government prepared in way of providing the departure of Afghans who worked for the US for the terror of triggering a change. The US president said it was time to leave after 20 years of fight, I am president of the United States of America and the buck ends with me.

Biden said ‘deeply saddened by the turn of circumstances and agreed to ‘speak out on the benefits of women now suffering a return to Taliban rule, I stand honestly behind my decision, After 20 years, I’ve learned the hard way that there was never a great time to remove US forces. He said The mission in Afghanistan was never assumed to be nation-building. Our only important national affair in Afghanistan continues today what it has always been preventing a terrorist attack on the American country. And the other way, the US president issued a severe warning to the Taliban not to disturb or frighten the evacuation of thousands of American politicians and Afghan translators at the Kabul airport.

He said, “We will support our people with devastating force if needed, the reply to any attack would be ‘swift and forceful’. President Biden said I stand fairly behind my decision. After 20 years, I’ve received the hard way that there was never a great time to withdraw US forces, The mission in Afghanistan was never assumed to be nation-building. On the other hand, Secretary of State Antony Blinken nonetheless considered Afghanistan with the foreign ministers of China and Russia, both of which have moved fast to struggle with the Taliban.

The two nations agreed to continue discussions with the help of China, Pakistan, and other affected nations to build the best conditions to begin a whole inter-Afghan dialogue under the new conditions: Russia said. Moscow, which in Soviet times spent a decade in an expensive occupation of Afghanistan during which it battled Islamic soldiers then supported by Washington. According to the state news agency Xinhua, Wang said, China stands ready to interact with the United States to push for a soft landing of the Afghan problems/

By Fatima Sadaf khan

I am an IT student. With my prior experience in writing, I am able to work on a variety of subjects flexibly. I am open to learning and critique.