Toyota Pakistan Announces New 5-Year Extended Warranty Packages for Corolla & Yaris.

Toyota Indus Motors Pakistan

Toyota Pakistan has introduced three 5-year Warranty Packages for all Corolla and Yaris Variants. According to Toyota, another two-year warranty extension over 3 / 100,000 years (whichever comes first), a built-in warranty will allow you to drive without pay and have a complete “Peace of Mind.” Details of the packages are stated below:
Limited Warranty

The basic Extended Warranty provides engine coverage and only partial transmission. Users who do not use the 100,000 KM (within three years) of the built-in Warranty may receive a two-year warranty extension for the same 100,000 KM mile.

Extra Extensive Warranty

Extended warranty package for all customers who do not use 100,000 KM (within three years) of the built-in Warranty can receive a two-year warranty extension with the same 100,000 KM mileage and partial filling. Annual Extension Warranty Toyota Corolla and Yaris premium package for customers looking for extended coverage.

There is an additional 20,000 KM in the 4th year and 40,000 KM in the 5th year. This will provide an extension of the Warranty for additional years and miles with complete component integration. Therefore, for those planning to purchase a Toyota Corolla or Yaris, choose a warranty that suits you best and drive with the perfect “Peace of Mind.”

To Get a Warranty Service:

You are responsible for delivering your vehicle to any Toyota Authorized 3S Dealership in Pakistan for warranty service. You are responsible for the proper operation, maintenance, and maintenance of your Toyota vehicle in accordance with the instructions contained in Your Manual. If your vehicle is underuse under severe driving conditions, you must comply with the repair requirements specified in your Owner Manual.

Maintenance records

You are responsible for keeping final records as it may sometimes be necessary for you to indicate that the required adjustments have been made.

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