With the increasing friendship between Pakistan & Turkey, added & more Turkish names have begun to visit our little abode. Famous Turkish Chef Burak Özdemir alias CZN Burak has announced that he will be visiting Pakistan soon. CZN Burak first spread virally on the internet for producing a large kebab in presence of the camera. The video shared by 9GAG and made the chef a lot of popularity & authority.

26 years of age, Burak holds 3 branches of the Hatay Medeniyetler Sofrasi series of restaurants. Several people who have examined his wares say that his kebabs are to depart for.

His restaurants Aksaray & Etiler areas of Turkey. Several Pakistani stars have also eaten out at his restaurant in Turkey and have nothing but amazing something to say about his recipes. Burak has also got a huge reputation as a social media sensation. He currently has over 17.2 million fans on his Instagram account, where you will see lots of oversized sweet foods.

We believe he should bring his culinary pleasures here. His kebabs are priced a little on the more expensive side, allowing for as much as 60 lira apiece in his native nation.