Twitter testing an ‘undo tweet’ story time and time again, but the most advanced story proposes that it might be restricted or limited to paid users.  The undo tweet feature has earlier arrived in a survey that suggested to people what feature they would be prepared to pay for. It had also arrived in the system for the Twitter app and CNET has proved in the history that the story is being served on.

The tweet shows how it works: 

It operates the same way as Gmail’s undo send button where the app waits a few seconds before really sending an email. It is worth considering that Twitter has not announced anything about the feature being restricted to paid peoples. A save yourself from trouble button would show to be beneficial for many and we hope that Twitter does not choose to perform it as a paid feature. 

By Fatima Sadaf khan

I am an IT student. With my prior experience in writing, I am able to work on a variety of subjects flexibly. I am open to learning and critique.