The United Nations Best Police Officer of Asia Award has been given to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police officer, SP Sajjad Khan. The award has been given in recognition of the services he provided in Kosovo for the UN Peacekeeping Mission. 

SP Sajjad Khan was assigned as the Team Leader of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo from 2009-2012. He had been successful in investigating numerous Muslims’ prosecution cases during his time period in Kosovo. 

Not only he had been successful in the duties he was assigned, but he was also contributive in modernizing the Kosovo Police. Kosovo Police also created separate departments within the Police force on the recommendation of SP Sajjad Khan. 

As a Legal Liaison Officer, he prosecuted several criminal cases in the International Court of Justice. Moreover, from 2007 to 2008, Sajjad served as the Interpol Investigation Officer. At the Interpol, he was additionally assigned the duties of Legal Liaison Officer and Admin and Logistic Officer.  

SP Sajjad Khan expressed pleasure and gratitude for winning the prestigious award. He said that Serving in Kosovo was a very challenging job. He moreover said that the young officers deployed in the UN Peacekeeping Missions from around the globe should be cognizant of the native culture of their assigned countries and do their jobs accordingly.  

It is nonetheless the much needed and appreciable honor for our country and inspiration for the young generations.