Ben Wallace, Britain’s defense secretary, inferred the US could no longer be acknowledged as a superpower after it retreats from Afghanistan. Wallace commenced by stating, It is clear that Britain is not a superpower, then seemed to shift his focus to the US. But a superpower that is also not prepared to hold at something isn’t a superpower either. It is certainly not a global force, it’s just big power, the defense secretary continued.

It is not the first time that Wallace openly criticized the US when Donald Trump’s made a peace agreement with the Taliban, the defense secretary described it as a blunder that strategically causes a lot of difficulties. The ultimate retreat was approved by Joe Biden a judgment that disappointed the UK. The previous foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt predicted that a dangerous lapse line had risen in the US-UK exclusive relationship, describing the withdrawal from Kabul was imposed on the UK.

Biden has supported the retreat because the US must not be involved in nation-building, and their important national interest desisted when terrorists were defeated a decade ago. Hunt continued that the recession had been imposed involuntarily on the UK by its closest friend. He held back from criticizing the administration of the Foreign Office, stating the way to counter such a catastrophe was to strengthen the western coalition.

By Sannia khakwani

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