WhatsApp is coming out with a new update that will modify its services and will prevent certain iPhone users from using the site, according to the recent reports.  Despite a prior privacy conflict between the organization and the public, WhatsApp now has over 2 billion users. Previous iOS versions will no longer be compliant with the framework update. 

According to a tweet from WABetainfo, WhatsApp Messenger beta 2.21.50 is not going to work on iOS 9, which means that all iPhone versions up to the 4s will be unable to use WhatsApp. Users of iPhones 5 and up, however, will be able to use the application. 

This does not rule out the possibility of compatibility moving to higher platforms in the future; thus, all users are recommended to purchase the most up-to-date and affordable devices in order to use the most up-to-date applications. 

By Sumbul Jawad

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